Spacial Speed     Spacial Speed

Spacial Speed,
Innocent, Intoxicating, Spacial Speed

Hurled Head long on Chariots of Fire
Faster, Further, Higher
Life Loving Speed
Beyond Super Sonic Sound
Life Giving Speed
Serene, Silent, Orbital Hyper Speed
Vital, Victorious, Velocity
Spiritual Speed
Floating in a Sea of Space
Hurled along by Waves of Space

In a Minute of my Life
Mycene, Venitia, Egypt
Greece, Athens, Rome and Jeruselem
In a Minute of my Life
All Antiquity

Rolling down an Endless Hill
Rolling around the Endless Sphere
In a Minute, all my Childhood Places
In a Minute, many million Faces
In Ten Alone, too Many Races
In Twenty, the Life of Santa Maria

Racing around the Open Road
Invisible Tracks in a Visible Void
Skipping across the Pacific Water
Solar Glint and Glidder
Gliding on the Waves
Waves of Golden Light
Sailing in the Royal Blue
Sailing, Soaring on the Solar Wind

Floating in a Flying Water Fall
Watching One's Wonderous World
Mountains, Motions, Planes and Dessert Oceans
Curving Counties, Countries, Continents

Foutains full of paint and colored Waters
Nimble Nimbus and Streaking Stratus
Screaming, Steaming quietly down the Track's

Serene Celestial Motions
Winding up the Universe
Sun and Stars Sweeping
Rise to Set
Lifting into Light
Falling into Night
Walking Shadows
Talking Sun Dials
Serene Celestial Motion
Copernican Delight
The Sun and I streaking through the Sky
Minutes mark my Days
Seasons Cycle By
Hot, Warm, Cool and Cold
Blooming Blossoms
Falling Leaves Hemisphere to Hemisphere
Celestial Seasons Passing Here

Pictures Pulsing passed the Pane
Images passed a Magic Mind
Fingers walking on a Globe
Fingers flipping Atlas Pages
Speed the Film
Spin the Carousel
Thoughts racing Images into Thought

Pages blowing in a History Book
Orbiting Pyramids, Heavenly Tombs
The soft long Distances of Yesterday
The sharp Points of Now
The Infinite Films of Tomorrow

Innocent, Intoxicating, Spacial Speed

Story Musgrave